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Moving can understandably be one of the more daunting tasks you’ll experience one time or another. Whether your relocating for a new job, or simply purchasing or selling a vehicle; the last thing you want to worry about is how to get it there safely.

Below we have compiled an array of helpful information and tips to help you out on your next move. To make your transition to or from California easier and less stressful, let southern executive transport do the work for you. We will be able to ship your vehicle within a discussed budget and within a specified timeline. Below you will see examples of transportation rates coming in and out of California but please make sure to submit a quote request for a more accurate representation.

Origin /





Dallas to San





Los Angeles to





McKinney to





Houston to





Austin to





Corpus Christi to





Georgetown to





Beaumont to





Conroe to Los





El Paso to Dallas





Fulshear to San





New York to Iowa





Dallas to Houston






*Depending on the size of your vehicle, you can expect a $100-$300 add on , contingent on distance.

*Pricing fluctuates with seasons.

*Popular Routes tend to have better rates

5 Tips to Make your move easier – local or cross country
  1. Plan it out
    1. Pick a date you need to be moved out by. Add a few days for cushion and work backwards to create a schedule to keep yourself on track. Here is a link of a sample schedule.
  2. Out with the old
    1. Be sure to make a keep, donate, and trash pile or box. Moving is the perfect time to declutter.
  3. Start Early
    1. The sooner the better, y’all. This goes for packing, picking movers, and selecting an experienced auto transporter.
  4. Pack an overnight bag
    1. Please, please, please. Pack a change of clothes, hygiene products, and our good friend toilet paper. Trust me.
  5. Complete an address change with the post master ASAP.
    1. This is one of those things people forget all of the time until the week of their move. Have this planned out early.
How to choose the right transport company

Choosing the right transport company is just as important as picking your new address, so let’s make sure to select the right one. Words of mouth or a quick search of “Movers near me,” or “Auto transporters near me,” will quickly get you started on the hunt to lock down a great company. This tip is applicable to both household movers and auto transporters.

Reviews ! Make sure to utilize a reputable review site to check out your potential mover. Google and Yelp are both excellent resources, but keep in mind reviews CAN be altered here. A fantastic resource for Auto Transporters will be Transportreviews.com

How to avoid scams when selecting a transport company

When it comes to auto transport – be leery of companies demanding payment upfront. You should have pertinent details prior to submitting payment for deposit or providing CC info. In the current climate, you can expect $0.60+ mile to cover the cost of fuel – companies promising to ship your vehicle at extremely low rates should raise red flags. Lastly, make sure to ask for their credentials – anyone can sign up with a website for leads, but only companies vetted will have DOT/MC numbers. More information on this topic can be found here


This is the part where folks have long, drawn out paragraphs  – but let’s keep it simple.
Be prepared. Know what to expect. And advocate for yourself.

Common Routes

Texas to Los Angeles

Texas to Colorado Springs

Texas to Jacksonville

Texas to Atlanta

Texas to Texas

Houston to Los Angeles

Houston to Colorado Springs

Houston to Jacksonville

Houston to Atlanta

Houston to Dallas

Dallas to Los Angeles

Dallas to Colorado Springs

Dallas to Jacksonville

Dallas to Atlanta

Dallas to San Antonio

San Antonio to Los Angeles

San Antonio to Colorado Springs

San Antonio to Jacksonville

San Antonio to Atlanta

San Antonio to Beaumont

Austin to Los Angeles

Austin to Colorado Springs

Austin to Jacksonville

Austin to Atlanta

Austin to Fulshear

Richmond to Los Angeles

Richmond to Colorado Springs

Richmond to Jacksonville

Richmond to Atlanta

Richmond to Galveston

Beaumont to Los Angeles

Beaumont to Colorado Springs

Beaumont to Jacksonville

Beaumont to Atlanta

Beaumont to San Antonio

Midland to Los Angeles

Midland to Colorado Springs

Midland to Jacksonville

Midland to Atlanta

Midland to Houston

Frisco to Los Angeles

Frisco to Colorado Springs

Frisco to Jacksonville

Frisco to Atlanta

Frisco to Leander

Fulshe6+ar to Los Angeles

Fulshear to Colorado Springs

Fulshear to Jacksonville

Fulshear to Atlanta

Fulshear to McKinney

McKinney to Los Angeles

McKinney to Colorado Springs

McKinney to Jacksonville

McKinney to Atlanta

McKinney to Houston

Conroe to Los Angeles

Conroe to Colorado Springs

Conroe to Jacksonville

Conroe to Atlanta

Conroe to Dallas

Round Rock to Los Angeles

Round Rock to Colorado Springs

Round Rock to Jacksonville

Round Rock to Atlanta

Round Rock to New Caney

Fort Worth to Los Angeles

Fort Worth to Colorado Springs

Fort Worth to Jacksonville

Fort Worth to Atlanta

Fort Worth to Alvin

New Braunfels to Los Angeles

New Braunfels to Colorado Springs

New Braunfels to Jacksonville

New Braunfels to Atlanta

New Braunfels to San Antonio

Cedar Park to Los Angeles

Cedar Park to Colorado Springs

Cedar Park to Jacksonville

Cedar Park to Atlanta

Cedar Park to Houston

Highland Park to Los Angeles

Highland Park to Colorado Springs

Highland Park to Jacksonville

Highland Park to Atlanta

Highland Park to Austin

Texas City to Los Angeles

Texas City to Colorado Springs

Texas City to Jacksonville

Texas City to Atlanta

Texas City to New Braunfels

Arlington to Los Angeles

Arlington to Colorado Springs

Arlington to Jacksonville

Arlington to Atlanta

Arlington to Iowa Colony

Flower Mound to Los Angeles

Flower Mound to Colorado Springs

Flower Mound to Jacksonville

Flower Mound to Atlanta

Flower Mound to Houston


Los Angeles to Texas

Colorado Springs to Texas

Jacksonville to Texas

Atlanta to Texas

Texas to Texas

Los Angeles to Houston

Colorado Springs to Houston

Jacksonville to Houston

Atlanta to Houston

Dallas to Houston

Los Angeles to Dallas 

Colorado Springs to Dallas 

Jacksonville to Dallas 

Atlanta to Dallas 

San Antonio to Dallas 

Los Angeles to San Antonio

Colorado Springs to San Antonio

Jacksonville to San Antonio

Atlanta to San Antonio

Beaumont to San Antonio

Los Angeles to Austin 

Colorado Springs to Austin 

Jacksonville to Austin 

Atlanta to Austin 

Fulshear to Austin 

Los Angeles to Richmond 

Colorado Springs to Richmond 

Jacksonville to Richmond 

Atlanta to Richmond 

Leander to Richmond 

Los Angeles to Beaumont 

Colorado Springs to Beaumont 

Jacksonville to Beaumont 

Atlanta to Beaumont 

San Antonio to Beaumont 

Los Angeles to Midland 

Colorado Springs to Midland 

Jacksonville to Midland 

Atlanta to Midland 

Houston to Midland 

Los Angeles to Frisco 

Colorado Springs to Frisco 

Jacksonville to Frisco 

Atlanta to Frisco 

Leander to Frisco 

Los Angeles to Fulshear 

Colorado Springs to Fulshear 

Jacksonville to Fulshear 

Atlanta to Fulshear 

McKinney to Fulshear 

Los Angeles to McKinney 

Colorado Springs to McKinney 

Jacksonville to McKinney 

Atlanta to McKinney 

Conroe to McKinney 

Los Angeles to Conroe 

Colorado Springs to Conroe 

Jacksonville to Conroe 

Atlanta to Conroe 

Dallas to Conroe 

Los Angeles to Round Rock 

Colorado Springs to Round Rock 

Jacksonville to Round Rock 

Atlanta to Round Rock 

New Caney to Round Rock 

Los Angeles to Fort Worth 

Colorado Springs to Fort Worth 

Jacksonville to Fort Worth 

Atlanta to Fort Worth 

Alvin to Fort Worth 

Los Angeles to New Braunfels 

Colorado Springs to New Braunfels 

Jacksonville to New Braunfels 

Atlanta to New Braunfels 

San Antonio to New Braunfels 

Los Angeles to Cedar Park 

Colorado Springs to Cedar Park 

Jacksonville to Cedar Park 

Atlanta to Cedar Park 

Corpus Christi to Cedar Park 

Los Angeles to Highland Park 

Colorado Springs to Highland Park 

Jacksonville to Highland Park 

Atlanta to Highland Park 

Austin to Highland Park 

Los Angeles to Texas City 

Colorado Springs to Texas City 

Jacksonville to Texas City 

Atlanta to Texas City 

New Braunfels to Texas City 

Los Angeles to Arlington

Colorado Springs to Arlington

Jacksonville to Arlington

Atlanta to Arlington

Iowa Colony to Arlington

Los Angeles to Flower Mound 

Colorado Springs to Flower Mound 

Jacksonville to Flower Mound 

Atlanta to Flower Mound 

Houston to Flower Mound 

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