How Do I Ship My Car ?
You’ve just purchased a new vehicle, or you’re getting rid of one – and now you’re asking yourself ,      how do I ship my car ?”

This is a question that seemingly everyone will have to ask themselves one time or another throughout their lifetime. The key to making sure that you have the best experience is knowing exactly what to expect. Whether you are shipping your vehicle from California, Texas, New York, or wherever it may be, we’ve got you covered!

Below are a few tips and tricks to use when deciding to ship your vehicle:

Decide on key details

To get your quote as close to actual as possible, make sure to provide as many details as possible when working through the quote process.

Key details include:

If the car is running

Any modifications done  to  the vehicle

Preference between open or enclosed trailers

Preferred pick-up / delivery date

For example, you will see a large price difference between shipping to NY city from FL in the winter compared to summertime.


Utilize search engines to research companies. Make sure you do your due diligence when selecting a carrier If a carrier can not answer seemingly simple questions about transport, it is likely a good idea to move on. Depending on the website you choose to enter your information into – you may experience an influx of calls from 5-10 companies trying to earn your business. If you have not found a resource to begin the process – use this link to get a quote from one company instead of 10+

The key to getting the best rate is time – Take a moment to review all the quotes you have received, but DO NOT lock in or sign a contract until you have agreed on pickup and delivery details, carrier, and confirmed total cost.

You will have A lot of companies that will tell you payment is needed up front, but this is a way to lock you into any contract with a carrier for the broker’s benefit.

Pro tip – make sure to only work with one company at a time. This will help avoid unintentional overspend on your side. Schedule a no obligation informational call here for more information.

Select the company you want to work with

Most companies will not have a carrier until days before your ship date.

Reserve your transport

When the broker you have selected has an interested carrier, they will call you at moment’s notice with the below – be sure to have a good understanding of the below prior agreeing to move forward.

Total cost

Preferred payment method from the carrier

          Pick-up and delivery estimates

Contact info for your carrier

Prepare your vehicle for shipment

The day of make sure that you prepare, inspect and take plenty of photos of your vehicle. You will want to have proof of how your vehicle left in case of an incident. Also be sure to do a full inspection upon delivery before making payment.

We hope you found these tips useful! Be sure to check out our blog for more information! 

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